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Managed Professional Services

MayReach saves you time on LinkedIn.

Professionals around the world use LinkedIn to build and maintain relationships. Unfortunately, it takes more time out of the day doing the everyday relationship management work.

Your time is valuable so don't spend it doing busy work when we can do it for you. MayReach provides the tools to help you save time and better nurture your professional relationships.

Our Users

Who uses MayReach and why?

MayReach is the ideal service for people who need to outsource their communication with people on LinkedIn. MayReach users are small business owners, speakers, educators, recruiters, human resource managers, marketers, authors and professionals just like you.

Instead of losing hours of their day to a manually tedious task of replying to messages, these professionals decide to leverage MayReach as an outsourcing partner. As a result, they devote more energy into discovering potential opportunities, driving leads and sales, managing existing relationships and delivering more content to their groups and less energy on building their network.


At MayReach we believe that a strong network gives you more opportunities to be in touch with the right people. In fact, many professionals use MayReach to quickly build their network and create lasting professional relationships.

Business Owners
Small Biz

As a small business owner, everything is a priority. Managing partner relationships, customers and employess are important and growing your book of business is just as important. That's why MayReach is here to help you on your road to success.

Professional Speakers

Being a profesionall speaker means many hours of rehersing, researching and collaborating. Your audience is everything to you but reaching out to them off the podium might be a obstacle. MayReach helps you expand your network of listeners.

Teachers, Instructors, Professors

Everyone knows how well you do your job but few know how much time you've invested in preparing your material. You enjoy reaching out with professionals with similar backgrounds. With MayReach you do less marketing and more communicating.


As a recruiter, everyday carries with it an opportunity to create one more lasting relationship. You enjoy focusing on building new relationships but may not have the time to devote to sendin invitations. MayReach is here to helps.

HR Managers
Human Resource Managers

Being a Human Resource Manager involves many hours of outreaching and scouting for new talent and qualified prospects. Getting candidates who fit your requirements is your major priority. MayReach places you one step ahead of your priorities.

Social Media, Events, Shows

As a professional marketer, you are always looking for new participants, followers and professionals to bring your campaigns to life time and time again. MayReach understands how valuable every second is and helps you save precious time.

Writers, Bloggers

Authors like you understand that the life of your words lives on through your subscribers. The more subscribers you have the more impactful your message becomes. You count on MayReach to help you grow your subscriber list.

Everyday People
People Like You

We are professionals with different backgrounds, experiences and interests. We enjoy connecting with others but may not have the patience to reach out. MayReach takes the pain out of reaching out so we can enjoy connecting.


What users are saying about MayReach

Small Biz

I recently hosted an event for my business and needed to really get more people involved. Before MayReach I spent hours trying to connect with people, but now I don't have to. The MayReach team really helped me save time.


I found MayReach a little while ago and used it to get more clients for my graphic design business. In less than a week my client list doubled and it helped me focus more on graphic designing. What else can I say, it works!


HR Manager

My department can sometimes be demanding and it's hard to find the time to prospect potential candidates. MayReach made it easier for me to hire more people.


I found MayReach to really be helpful when I needed to send an invite to all of my contacts without doing it manually.


This has been the fastest way I know of to get in touch with the right people without having to use up my time. I highly recommend using MayReach, it's a time saver.


At first I wasn't sure if this service was real, but then I gave it a try and now I'm connected with thousands of people who want to know more about me and what I do professionally.


I wish I had more to say but nothing else comes to mind except this. Your team does excellent work and I appreciate the effort you all put to helping me with my professional network.


Honestly, this has got to be the most amazing experience I've had with outsourcing ever. I love the work that was put into my campaign and the results are exactly what I wanted.


Great service MayReach! It was a simple and straight forward process from start to finnish. Keep up the great work.


It was incredibly simple and intuitive to use MayReach. I like how your support team updates me on every step of my campaign.


MayReach made everything easy. I mean I never thought there was a service like it out there but I'm glad I found it.


It was really fast and really simple. You register, you setup your campaign and in less than a week you see results.


One of the first services I've seen that really does exactly what they say and does it really fast. I highly recommend MayReach.


Very impressive service. I am definitely using this again once my I'm ready to expand my network even more. Great job MayReach.


We provide the services, you control the campaign:

Quickly tap into the power of leverage with our dedicated support team.

Grow your network the way you want to by using our keyword filters.

Protect your integrity with our duplicate message validation and tracking process.

Manage your campaign status through frequent campaign status updates.

Trust that your campaigns are safely stored through our dedicated recurring backups.

Customize your reply messages for your MayReach App campaigns.

Monitor the status of your campaign through persistent status updates and notifications.

Reach out to people in your immediate circle no matter where in the globe you are in.


Let us help you expand and nurture your professional relationshiops on LinkedIn.

$9.99 Basic 250 Requests

Manage 250 LinkedIn requests sent from the MayReach App. Includes all the MayReach features. Service delivery may take up to 5 business days.

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$19.99 Standard 1000 Requests

Manage 1000 LinkedIn requests sent from the MayReach App. Includes all the MayReach features. Service delivery may take up to 7 days to be delivered.

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$29.99 Professional 2500 Requests

Manage 2500 LinkedIn requests sent from the MayReach App. Includes all the MayReach features. Service delivery may take up to 10 business days to be delivered. This is a limited time offering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Services

Where does all the service fees go?

Our team of dedicate service specialists work on campaigns day and night. They come from all walks of life and enjoy seeing the success of your campaign from beginning to completion. We support them with part of your subscription. Our service specialists are one of a kind, hard working individuals who understand that growth is a big part of your life and is there to help you grow your network.

Our vendors provide a solid and reliable way for us to host and backup your data in a secure environment. We also support our vendors for the services they provide to us with part of your subscription. We are proud to work with a dedicated team of experts who share our common mission of providing the best quality of service to our subscribers. We exist in part because of the services we leverage from our vendors.

Can I request for a custom service?

Due to the unusually high demand in our service we currently do not support custom service requests. As we continue to provide the best quality of service, we may decided to introduce a customizable plan that fits into what the majority of our subscribers want. We may also, in the future take on custom service requests if it's within reach. For any questions feel free to submit your support inquiry.

How long does the service last?

The length of time in any service really depends on the service you select. For an example if you select the basic service, it may take up to 5 days to start seeing results. Most times the results are immediate and will display in your campaign status update within 48 hours. It also depends on when you schedule your campaign to start and what specific requirements you set such as connection filters.

About Campaigns

How many campaigns can I run per subscription?

We only support running one campaign per subscription. That means that once you set-up and start a campaign, your subscription is no longer used for a new campaign. You will have to add another subscription to run a different campaign. Only one subscription can be used per campaign and all active campaigns will be recognized and appropriated by the service subscription you added.

Can I stop my campaign once it starts running?

Once a campaign starts, there is no undo from that point. Our service specialists will immediately begin working on your campaign the moment it is set to active by you. We realize how important it is the make everything in the setup just right before launching. It is also very easy to see a mistake long after a campaign has started. We encourgae that you review your campaign several times before starting to get the best possible outcome.

Can I get a refund if my campaign has already started?

We do not support refunds after a campaign has started. Our refund policy only qualifies if you have not started your campaign. Once your campaign has started there will no longer be a refund. Our 30 day refund policy means that you get a full refund if you have not used the service you subscribed to within 30 days. Using the service means starting your campaign.

Where would I see updates to my campaign?

When you login to your account, you will be able to see updates to your campaign on the reports dashboard. Updates to your campaign are delivered periodically and there is no exact time for you to see a specific update. Our team of service specialists work hard to ensure that all updates are reflected on your reports dashboard as tasks are completed. Please give a minimum of 48 hours before any reviewing any major updates.

Can I be notified about the status of my campaign?

Campaign notifications are sent via email and are also updated on the reports dashboard. If you are having trouble getting notifications, please check your spam box or label MayReach messages as important. Some mail clients only support text so if you are having trouble viewing an email, please enable html and always view images sent by MayReach.

How would I know if my campaign worked?

We always take a snapshot of your current profile before initiating your campaign. You'll see a before and after in the reports area showing you the growth and success of your campaign. We recommend that you do not send messages to prospective connections while your campaign is initiated to avoid any service interruption.

Can I configure my campaign on a mobile device?

Our configuration profess is simple and easy enough to work on most mobile devices. We do not support all smart phones and can not guarantee that service will not be interrupted on any mobile or tablet device. If you are having issues with using the service your table or mobile device, please submit a support inquiry.


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